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The Mercosur Bulletin on CD-ROM had its navigational architecture and layout developed by the Click Agency, one of the most distinguished agencies in Brazil and abroad. The minimum configuration for the installation of the CD-ROM on your computer is: Pentium 100 with 16 Mb of RAM; CD-ROM Read Device 6x; Microsoft Windows 95; 10 MB of space available on the hard disk.

In the CD-ROM there are (three) language options: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The opening of the CD-ROM is accompanied by music, and with a few clicks you will be navigating a wealth of information related to Mercosur. We stress that the Drafts for the establishment of the Free Trade Area of the Americas – FTAA – have also been included on the CD.

The CD offers many tools such as: bookmarkers, search, note pad etc., that make querying and navigation by the user straightforward and easily accessible. The various illustrations of the practical cases and commentaries draw the attention and raise the interest of the user.

The Mercosur Bulletin CD-ROM is split into 3 (three) main topics:

Mercosur Manual – Orients with practical cases on how to transport merchandise freely within the Mercosur countries and in Free Trade Zones without incurring in taxes.


Mercosur Legislation – Consolidates the Mercosur legislation, the majority of which is not published in the Official Diaries of the member countries, with full texts and menus in Portuguese.


Common External Tariff – CET – Orients on how use the aliquots and protection lists of the CET, accessed exclusively on consulting our Customer Service Center, via telephone, fax or e-mail.

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