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Mercosur Bulletin - CD-Rom

The printed Mercosur Bulletin is around 800 (eigth hundred pages). It is presented in a plastic folder of the following dimensions: 30 cm (thirty centimeters) in length, 26 cm (twenty six centimeters) in width and 7 cm (seven centimeters) thick. The folder is divided into 4 (four) information bases:

Mercosur Manual – Orients with practical cases on how to transport merchandise freely within the Mercosur countries and in Free Trade Zones without incurring in taxes.


International Tax Planning Manual – Orients with practical cases on how to legally reduce taxes through national and international instruments, including Transfer Prices on importing and exporting.

Mercosur Legislation – Consolidates the Mercosur legislation, the majority of which is not published in the Official Diaries of the member countries , with full texts and menus in Portuguese.

Common External Tariff – CET – Orients on how to use the aliquots and protection lists of the CET, accessed exclusively through consulting our Customer Service Center, via telephone, fax or e-mail.
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