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Foreign trade is extremely dynamic and competitive. The world is constantly undergoing change and Brazil seeks, through reforming and refocusing its foreign trade, a niche in this complex world scenario. In order to follow these changes, insert and keep your business competitive in foreign trade, Bruno Bros puts a highly specialized team at your disposition to present the best solutions for your business.

Through detailed study of the operations presented, Bruno Bros develops competitive strategies tailored for its clients. These strategies can be exemplified by the following areas of activity:

  • Trading company: establishment of companies in many countries that offer advantages for certain operations;
  • PIM – Pólo Industrial de Manaus: elaboration of investment projects at Pólo Industrial de Manaus taking advantage of various incentives and with high profitability; 
  • Commercial defense measures: antidumping measures, compensatory measures and safeguard measures;
  • Fiscal benefits: tariff exceptions, exemptions, rebates and compensation;
  • Tariff classification: consultation on the description, fiscal code and aliquot of the product;
  • Transfer pricing: heeding the price transfer rules in importing and exporting;
  • Processes: follow-up, consulting and meeting the demands of several foreign trade organizations for a quick solution.


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